06 May 2024

Announcements from Minister Clare are the first step to realising the potential of Australia’s Universities Accord and will be welcomed by thousands of higher education students.

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) has long advocated for the introduction of measures to ensure all students are able to undertake the mandatory placements components of their education.

RUN Executive Director Alec Webb said the issue of addressing placement poverty has been long overdue and the cost pressures of attending placements overwhelmingly has impacted regional students.

“The introduction of the Commonwealth Prac Payment for students studying to become a teacher, a nurse, a midwife, or a social worker will go along way to ensure students from regional communities who need to relocate or take time away from their existing life commitments are able to do so with a reduced fiscal impact.

This builds on the welcomed announcement regarding changes to HECS-HELP indexation which will have an impact on the repayment time of student debts and protect all students from high indexation rates in the future.

“The backdating of the indexation changes will be welcomed by debtors who were significantly impacted by the high indexation of 2023,” said Mr Webb.

RUN looks forward to future announcements from the Government regarding their response to, and implementation of, the Australian Universities Accord.  

Alec Webb, Executive Director, 0408 482 736

Twitter: @RegUniNet #RegUnisHelpRegions