31 October 2023

An initiative to improve the ability of paramedicine students to learn the language of rural mental health and to understand how to monitor and respond to their own mental health has been awarded first prize in the inaugural Regional Universities Network (RUN) Learning and Teaching Awards.

The RUN Learning and Teaching Awards recognise excellence and achievement at regional universities across Australia across the categories of innovation in learning teaching, regional education, and indigenous engagement.

In congratulating the winners, RUN Chair Professor Nick Klomp said inspiring it was to see how dedicated all finalists were to improving student outcomes.

“A huge congratulations to Elyce Green and the Rural Health Education Team (Brent Smith, Rebecca Barry, Latitia Kernaghan, and Kathryn Castelletto), from Charles Sturt University’s Three Rivers Department of Rural Health for their impactful teaching initiative which will improve outcomes for their students.

“These awards demonstrate what all who work at, study at, or lead regional universities know – regional universities work tirelessly to innovate and deliver learning and teaching practice which reward our students and communities,” Professor Klomp said.

Executive Director of RUN, Alec Webb, congratulated all 21 finalists on reaching the final stages of the awards and for their recognition for innovative learning and teaching practices.

“All finalists should be incredibly proud of this achievement is and it is a testament to their hard work and dedication to improving student outcomes through impactful learning and teaching practices.

“RUN is proud to hold these awards and shine a national spotlight on the excellence practices at regional universities which results in superior student experiences, and ultimately improved employability outcomes,” Mr Webb said.

The full submissions of the finalists for the 2023 RUN Learning and Teaching Awards can be found here.

Alec Webb, Executive Director, 0408 482 736

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