2023 RUN Learning and Teaching Awards

RUN is excited to share our finalists for the 2023 RUN Learning and Teaching Awards. The three minute videos have a focus on one of the key topic areas: Innovation in learning and teaching, Regional education and Indigenous engagement.

RUN congratulate the following winners:

1st: Elyce Green and the Rural Health Education Team (Brent Smith, Rebecca Barry, Latitia Kernaghan, Kathryn Castelletto) from Charles Sturt University Three Rivers Department of Rural Health for their initiative “Learning the language of rural mental health”
2nd: Erin Siostrom from the University of the Sunshine Coast for her initiative “Relevant and authentic pathways to first-year courses”
3rd: Business Academy Team from the University of Southern Queensland for their initiative “UniSQ Business Academy”

Charles Sturt University

NAME: David Leaver
TITLE: Change One Thing in a Second Year Biochemistry Subject (BCM210)
ABSTRACT: As part of the 2023 redevelopment process for Foundations and Techniques in Biochemistry (BCM210), a traditional mid-session exam was replaced with a research poster assessment task that was individualised to provide relevancy to the course each student was studying at Charles Sturt University.
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NAME: Kay Oddone
TITLE: Bridging theory and practice with podcasts
ABSTRACT: In response to students’ calls for more diverse and engaging media content within our Master of Education: Teacher Librarianship (MEd.TL) curriculum, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey through the auditory realm – the world of podcasts.
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NAME: Elyce Green
TITLE: Learning the language of rural mental health
ABSTRACT: Learning the language of rural mental health is important for paramedicine students as they are likely to attend a large number of calls related to mental health in their future practice.
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NAME: Joy Matthews
TITLE: Enhancing Engagement and Comprehension: Employing Neuro-Poetic Techniques to Facilitate Nursing Theory Integration
ABSTRACT: The imperative for student nurses to acquire a comprehensive understanding of nursing theorists, spanning from Florence Nightingale to contemporary scholars, is undeniable.
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NAME: Dr Karen D’Aietti
TITLE: Working with and for First Nations Students
ABSTRACT: I am the Unit Coordinator/Lecturer for 2 Indigenous Studies units which are compulsory components within the Bachelor of Education.
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NAME: Dr Biplob Ray & Dr Jahan Hassan
TITLE: Virtual Labs for Ubiquitous Hands-on Learning in Emerging Technologies
ABSTRACT: In response to the surging industry demand for expertise in emerging technologies, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey to reshape hands-on education in Australia.
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Federation University

NAME: Cameron Maher
TITLE: Managing change
ABSTRACT: The innovative approach described tackles the challenge of informing and preparing university staff for significant system upgrades, particularly those involving substantial visual changes.
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NAME: Melinda Hall
TITLE: The development of simulated learning in exercise and sport science: From written case studies to the content-rich H5P framework for work-integrated learning.
ABSTRACT: In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted many industries, including exercise and sport science.
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NAME: Emma Derainne
TITLE: Simulated Environments in Online Education
ABSTRACT: In a fast-paced world, students need to be able to apply their theoretical learning to practical environments.
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Southern Cross University

NAME: Dr Desirée Kozlowski
TITLE: A step toward equity for regional psychology students
ABSTRACT: In 2023, the undergraduate psychology program at Southern Cross University became paid textbook-free for students
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NAME: The Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum Redevelopment Team
TITLE: Unlocking the gate: Innovations aimed at increasing student learning, engagement and success in the gateway subjects of anatomy & physiology
ABSTRACT: Prior to the Team’s involvement in 2019, success in the gateway subjects of Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) was as low as 55%, meaning that many students could not continue progressing through their degree.
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NAME: Dr Scott Niblock and Mr Nat Daley
TITLE: Digital financial advice: Evaluating student advisory skills through video
ABSTRACT: In acknowledging the skills required for Southern Cross University (SCU) students entering the financial services industry, we have created a new video Statement of Advice (SOA) assessment.
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University of New England

NAME: Anna Barwick
TITLE: Developing culturally safe practice in undergraduate pharmacy students during interdisciplinary hospital simulations
ABSTRACT: Preparing health students for work-readiness is essential, to mitigate the stress and uncertainty associated with transitioning from university to the workforce
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NAME: Caroline Cohrssen
TITLE: Delivering Quality and Innovation in Early Childhood Teacher Education in Regional Australia
ABSTRACT: The shortage of degree-qualified early childhood teachers is a national workforce crisis.
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NAME: Jennifer Charteris
TITLE: An inclusive pedagogy for student wellbeing at the University of New England
ABSTRACT: An ‘Inclusive Pedagogy for Student Wellbeing’ is a cross faculty collaboration at the University of New England.
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University of Southern Queensland

NAME: Business Academy Team
TITLE: UniSQ Business Academy
ABSTRACT: The UniSQ Business Academy, launched in 2023, innovates the first year of study in the Bachelor of Business, Accounting, and Aviation.
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NAME: Student Success Advising Team
TITLE: If you build it, will they come? Student Success Advising at a Regional University Study Hub
ABSTRACT: Regional University Study Hubs (formerly known as Regional University Centres) are the subject of renewed attention following the release of The Australian Universities Accord Interim Report.
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NAME: Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Team
TITLE: Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in Higher Education
ABSTRACT: Our cross-disciplinary team developed a trauma-informed approach to teaching that mitigates harm for students engaging with sensitive content and reduces reactive disengagement from the learning process, thus building students’ personal and professional capacity to manage their affective response to difficult content, difficult conversations, and difficult encounters in practice.
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University of the Sunshine Coast

NAME: Dr Jacqueline Burgess
TITLE: GradChat: An Equitable, Innovative and Co-Created Employability Initiative
ABSTRACT: Gradchat is a series of recorded, podcast-like conversations between me and UniSC Marketing alumni about their experiences in the workplace that allows students to learn from former peers who are now professionals in their fields.
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NAME: Danielle Jocumsen
TITLE: Reducing student anxiety in practical nursing laboratory assessments
ABSTRACT: Nursing student laboratory classes known as preparation for practice classes at the University of Sunshine Coast are used to supplement clinical practice and prepare students for placement
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NAME: Erin Siostrom
TITLE: Relevant and authentic pathways to first-year courses
ABSTRACT: The establishment of a new UniSC campus at Moreton Bay saw a high proportion of first-in-family student enrolments (50% of cohort) into my Tertiary Preparation Pathway TPP105 Statistics course.
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