Regional Futures Australia

Regional Futures AustraliaRUN has the vision of a sustainable, liveable and prosperous future created through collaboration, innovation and knowledge based partnerships between industry, government and regional universities.

Under the RUN Regional Futures Australia banner we will:

  • further our collaboration in research of relevance to regional development
  • build collaborative links between relevant people in our universities
  • raise the profile, influence and interests of the RUN network
  • provide a platform for engaging with external stakeholders.

RUN has a strong, vibrant, innovative, connected and growing pure and applied research effort that must continue to be supported to maximise the contribution of our universities to research and innovation in regional Australia.

We will pool our expertise and resources and collaborate in the following research flagships under the RUN Regional Futures Australia Banner:

Other flagships may be established in due course.

All flagships will be underpinned by a strong regional focus and involve at least three RUN universities.

Participating universities will initiate a Higher Degree by Research program to help establish the collaborations and relationships that are necessary to grow collaboration on the flagship.