RUN to outline plans at Regional Tertiary Education Conference

28 Aug 2012

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The Regional Universities Network (RUN) will outline plans to grow its contribution to regional Australia at the second annual Regional Tertiary Education Conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast on 30 – 31 August.

Among the initiatives will be a plan to improve the Year 12 completion rates for university-eligible students in regional communities.

The Chair of RUN, Professor David Battersby, has welcomed the opportunity for policy discussion at the conference and the unveiling of several new initiatives for regional communities.

"Regional universities are key to regional development and regional economies. They create regional jobs, produce, retain and attract qualified people, conduct research that matters and play a lead role in regional innovation and business development," Professor Battersby said.

"Despite the contribution of our universities there are still challenges in regional education. These include low Year 12 completion rates and low university participation rates.

"The conference will provide an opportunity to outline the RUN Accord, which is a multi-lateral agreement across the RUN universities enabling them to partner in a range of activities such as student transfer arrangements, staffing, joint appointments and research.

"I will also detail some of RUN’s broad policy considerations including a Regional Development and Innovation Initiative, which will recognise the role played by regional universities in facilitating and strengthening regional economic development," Professor Battersby said.

"There also will be detail about the Regional University-Regional High School Partnership and Linkage program, which will improve the Year 12 completion rates for university-eligible students in regional communities. RUN also supports extending the Collaborative Research Network program.

"Regional universities are a success story for the nation: they play a key role in fostering vibrant, diverse and resilient communities."

28 August 2012

Dr Caroline Perkins
Executive Director
Regional Universities Network
0408 482 736

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