RUN university research has major impact on the regions and nation

01 Apr 2019

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The Engagement and Impact (EI) Assessment 2018-9 report, released by the Australian Research Council, showed that Regional Universities Network (RUN) research has a major economic, social and environmental impact on the regions and the nation. 

The Chair of RUN, Professor Helen Bartlett, said that more than 80 per cent of the assessed research from RUN universities had either a high or substantial impact. 

“Across the network, it is pleasing to see that fields as diverse as education, economics, commerce, management and tourism, studies in human society, agriculture and veterinary sciences, engineering, and public and allied health sciences all received the highest impact rating,” Professor Bartlett said. 

“These areas are of vital importance to our communities. The world class research undertaken at our universities is embedded in regional Australia, and is translated into outcomes with significant impact.” 


CQUniversity has demonstrated a strength in research impact with 11 out of 13 research areas receiving a high or medium rating.  CQUniversity achieved the highest rating for agricultural and veterinary sciences, medical & health sciences (public & allied health), education, economics, psychology and cognitive sciences, and law and legal studies.   

Federation University 

Federation University recorded strong results in five critical disciplines. The study, Improving Sports Safety Using a Progressive, Targeted Exercise Program to Prevent Lower Limb Injuries in Australian Footballers, achieved the highest rating, and resulted in a coaching manual endorsed by AFL sports medicine experts and a template for translating community sports injury prevention research into policies and practices. 

Southern Cross University 

Southern Cross University received the highest impact rating in four disciplines. Three of the relevant case studies were in the humanities and social sciences, and reflected the university’s commitment to improving the lives of the communities it serves. For example, Research into practice: Generating knowledge that supports children, young people and adults to understand and adapt to experiences of loss and grief in their lives, recorded the success of a program that has helped 260,000 children, young people and adults in five countries to get a new start, and a chance to transform their experiences of change and loss, and move forward with confidence and hope. 

University of New England (UNE) 

UNE’s results reflected its commitment to producing research that contributes to society, the environment, health, economy and quality of life for regional communities and beyond. The university received the highest impact rating in a number of key disciplines, including agricultural and veterinary sciences. The project in the latter discipline involved advanced livestock breeding technologies developed to support agricultural industries increase the profitability of farming operations in Australia and internationally. 

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) 

USQ’s results further highlighted the university’s standing as a leading research institution, receiving ratings of high impact for both agricultural and veterinary sciences, and engineering. In addition, USQ ranked second nationally in ‘Approach to Impact’ and eleventh in ‘Impact’ out of all Australian universities.

University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) 

Since late 2012, USC has rapidly built capacity in its distinctive areas of research using a strategic hiring and investment campaign.  Despite a shortness of time to achieve significant engagement and impact in EI 2018-9, it is a positive sign of trajectory that USC achieved medium ratings for impact and engagement in its research flagships of forestry, human geography and nursing. 

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